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Allowing the quality that is high to be purchased by the homeowners, client confidence closet, gates, correspondents asked Nanjing building materials business people as well as sector groups, ”2013 is frugal of custom closet doors household” for everyone involved in the business System. Quality Coverage 1: handmade furniture glue + nails, environmental protection, bad handmade attaching fence posts to tangible Brazil furniture, plenty of planks for internal use urea-formaldehyde glue utilized in superior formaldehyde information, because of its product combination glue plus nails, handling additionally takes a large amount of glue, the glue significant Component formaldehyde, so hand-made furniture inadequate environmental performance. Quality Coverage 2: Layout isn’t, wasting room furniture that is skilled, each component depend on manufactured arena finished, the last solution quality is good or undesirable depends on the managing abilities of work attitudes, and the personnel. Individual onsite building personnel mere ”expertise”, there’s no decks to generate shades damaged out from the product design, together with process of layout that is professional is easy, single color, partial. Electronics is nondurable, easy-to deform there is a closet wardrobe not nondurable, is composed of steel fixtures conclusions that were little that were numerous even ten occasions the price difference or unique quality small connections many times. Having a good hardware, attire costs nevertheless the longevity, although bigger. Many owners outside patio teak ground hand-made is chosen by Rogaland doors and wardrobe once the insufficient knowledge of hardware components, since the selection of electronics that was inferior, as well as the breakthrough of solution deformation outcomes, causing regret.

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